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Beer and Lokeren: history

The Lokereire beer brand is inextricably linked to the city of Lokeren, located in the Waasland. In fact, the people of Lokeren and their beer: belong together. 

Brewery city
Did you know that Lokereirs (the dialect word for Lokeraars) used to drink more beer than water? Water was boiled during the brewing process, with the result that beer was much more sterile than water in those days. Hops kill bacteria during the brewing process and are also rich in vitamin B. Beer provided a much healthier beverage therefore than contaminated ditchwater. 

No wonder you could often find one café for every four houses in Lokeren. In 1908 there were a total of 851 taverns in the Durmestad! In other words, one for every seven adults! 
The people of Lokeren drink a lot more water these days, but the town nevertheless retains a rich beer history. 

Juicy beer dialect
The Lokeren dialect also contains a number of fun ‘beer words’, the likes of ‘babbelwoatere’ (alcoholic drinks), ‘openduundere’ (bottle opener) and ‘broarsgast’ (brewery worker).

The Lokereire team make a point of referencing their city by using a turnip in the logo as the symbol of Lokeren and then three hares. Three such creatures stand, as silent witnesses, on the banks of the River Durme in Lokeren’s marketplace. 

The beers fizz like the Lokeren festival week. And they are just as forceful as the locals themselves. There is no denying it: these beers are Lokers.

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