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About the Lokereire team

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We are proud to be Lokeraars (Lokereirs in the local dialect) and proud of our beer brand. Its inventor Luc Staessens is ‘a Lokereire through and through’. He is proud of his city with its meandering river (the Durme) and the lovely Waasland that surrounds it. A city that once boasted numerous breweries. 

Lokereire’s aim is to revive that brewing history. With characterful beers unlike any to be found on the market. No small task in a beer country like Belgium, where hundreds of brands are on offer to tempt the taste buds of all those many beer lovers. And yet Lokereire is different. 

During his time as a chef and restauranteur, Luc developed an interest in different flavours and enjoyed a good head on his beer. He can see beyond the end of his nose and likes to experiment with his beers, combining them with gourmet dishes. Although Lokereire beers make an excellent accompaniment to a meal, they can equally well be drunk on their own.  

Luc and his fellow Lokereirs are passionate about brewing beer and continually expanding the range. Erik Daelewyn is the spiritual father of Lokereire beers. As a beer creator he views the brewing process as no different from cooking. The main thing is to keep stirring, so that the food doesn’t burn. 

Beer brewers Dimitri Verbraekel and Danny Hoffelinck are the men responsible for brewing our beers in large quantities. They make sure that every Lokereire and Lokerasse tastes exactly as it should. 

Even publisher Marc Bonnaerens, who has masses of experience in the graphics industry, is a local man. 

These Lokeraars all agree. Lokereire beers open up a whole new world of taste. They tear through your mouth – the way a good beer should. 


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